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Queen Victoria Canted Front Hutch
$2942.00 Base Price
This canted front hutch is available in 51", 61" or 89" wide. Dimensions are 21" ...More »
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Lexington Shaker Corner Hutch
Stone Barn Furnishings, Inc.
$1872.00 Base Price
Pair this piece with other Lexington Shaker pieces. Priced with canned lights, touch ...More »
What Customers Say
Stone Barn: Sorry to be so tardy in acknowleding that delivery or our new coffee table. We want to let you know how pleased we are, it is beautiful! It arrived in perfect condition by a very nice young man, who made sure it was in perfect shape be ... More »
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Terms of Sale

A copy of this Terms of Sale must accompany all Internet Orders as showing your awareness of and agreement to the terms listed below.

  1. Orders will be scheduled with our builders when we have received a 50% deposit.
  2. Orders cancelled within 3 calendar days after the date written on the order will receive a full refund of deposit.
  3. Upholstered items can be backordered due to the availability of the fabric from the fabric mills. If the fabric is backordered you are able to select a different fabric and will receive priority status with the company. No cancellations or refunds will be issued due to backordered fabrics.
  4. Any change to an order (different wood, stain, or options) must be made within 14 calendar days after ordering.
  5. We cannot release furniture until final payment has been made. Our delivery drivers are equipped to accept final payment at your home at the time of delivery. (Check, Cash, Visa/ Mastercard)
  6. It is the customer's responsibility to have the area cleared for the new piece(s), and to reload/ hook up any electronic components. Also, it is the customer's responsibility to ensure that any furniture ordered will fit in the customer's home or office. This includes being able to fit through doors, hallways, and up or downstairs.
  7. We accept no responsibility or liability for any customer dissatisfaction with his/her choice of stain, style, size, options, hardware etc on the furniture built to fulfill an order. These are solely your decisions, so please choose carefully!
  8. INTERNET ORDERS: The dimensions provided are issued by our builders and vary. The measurements are either case width or outer most corner of the pieces. IF there is a question on sizes, please request the exact dimensions from your sales associate prior to finalizing the order. We accept no responsibility or liability for pieces that do not fit in the desired space, as it the customer's responsibility to check the dimensions prior to placing the order.
  9. We do accept responsibility for issues related to quality or workmanship. We provide a one-year warranty from the date of delivery or possession. This is a repair or replace warranty at our option only and it does not allow for refunds. Our warranty is not applicable to furniture that has been abused or mistreated by the customer. Dissatisfaction with your choice of stain, style, or options does not qualify an item for repair or replacement under warranty (see 6, above).
  10. "Estimated completion time" is just that, an estimate. Although we strive to come as close as possible to these estimates, it is not a guarantee that the order will be completed within the time frame as there are many circumstances beyond our control that can affect completion time.
  11. Once an order has been completed and the customer has been notified of it's availability, delivery or pick up of furniture must occur within 14 days.
  12. All checks returned for insufficient funds are subject to a $25.00 service charge.
  13. You must be at your home during your scheduled delivery time in order to avoid a re-delivery charge of $50.00.
  14. All "sale" items are final sales! No returns, exchanges, or refunds will be issued! It is your responsibility to look over the sale item before finalizing the purchase!
  15. The appearance of the wood used to build your furniture may be different than that of the wood used in the furniture observed on the showroom floor. This is due to natural characteristics of the wood and the hand craftsmanship used to create each individual piece. Hardwoods may contain mineral deposits, pits, gum streaks, small pin holes, knots, color differences, unusual grain patterns, darker heart wood, lighter sap wood, etc. However, it is these attributes that are all a part of the beauty of hardwood furniture and no two items are exact duplicates. If you have concerns about these natural wood characteristics please address them prior to making your purchase.

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